Welcome to the Rahab Project:

The Rahab Project is all about restoring hope and belief by identifying and supporting those affected by exploitation. We do this by raising awareness, offering support and empowering our beneficiaries - those who are affected or deemed to be at risk of any form of exploitation, including modern-day slavery.

Night Outreach:

Our Rahab volunteers run weekly street-based Night Outreach in West Reading. This is a unique service, only possible because of the dedication of staff and volunteers - as Night Outreach falls well outside of normal working hours. We provide vital items (food & drink, contraception, rape alarms) and support to the men and women working on-street. We also help gather vital information for police - helping reduce the risk that those we support often face on-street.

Daytime Support:

We offer a number of different services for our beneficiaries, including: Prison/ Hospital Visits, Advocacy at Appointments, Court Support, Statutory Service Referrals and General 1-2-1 Key-work.

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